A-Z of Dull Skin & How to get Glowing Skin Instead

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One of the most common concerns among women of all age groups is dull skin. So here is a list of all the questions you may have regarding dull skin, answered by our Skincare Expert and Medical Head Dr.Harshna Bijlani


What causes dull skin?
Loss of moisture, sun exposure, lack of anti-oxidants intake, hormonal issues like thyroid, PCOD, etc., and general lifestyle factors like lack of rest, an unhealthy diet, stress, alcohol, smoking, etc., result in dull looking skin.

Do certain beauty habits (for example, not taking off makeup before sleeping at night) increase the problem?
Yes, lack of exfoliation, not taking off your makeup before going to bed, using the wrong skin products, not wearing sunscreen just because its cloudy, not checking the ingredients before you start using a new product, all of this can cause dull looking skin. Apart from these, taking your skin for granted and not engaging in regular upkeep and maintenance treatments like clean-ups, microdermabrasion, etc., could result in aggravating your dullness.

What beauty regimen should I follow to avoid dull skin?
Follow a cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturise routine every morning. Post that always remember to wear your sunscreen, no matter the weather or season. Make sure you take anti-oxidants orally, and if you’re above 30 then include collagen supplements as well. Crystal Tomato™ is a super anti-oxidant health supplement, it is the newest trend worldwide for giving your skin a fresh and radiant look. You can supplement it with Crystal Clear Skin Clarity Cream™ that works on giving you a brighter even toned skin tone.

For a good night time routine, the latest beauty trend doing the rounds is the Korean double cleanse routine. To double cleanse First, apply an oil-based cleanser like micellar water to your face, which will help dissolve makeup, sunscreen and sweat. Then, use a water based cleanser that works for your skin to clear residual oil and grime. We recommend double cleansing at night instead of the day as your skin does not need double cleansing in the morning as you do not have any dirt or makeup on your face then. Try using a cleanser with glycolic acid instead of using something with abrasive beads (as those could damage your skin), if you want to then you can use a mild scrub or a cleanser with dissolving beads. Glycolic works well to exfoliate and cleanse while being gentle on your skin.

Post that use a good night face cream and eye cream (if needed), with moisturising ingredients and strong active ingredients like glycerine, sorbitol, anti-oxidants, peptides, alpha-hydroxy acids, vitamin C, retinol, niacinamide, etc. based on your skin concern. These active ingredients work through the night to give you nourished brighter and rejuvenated skin.

What beauty treatments should I avoid?
Avoid scrubbing too harshly while exfoliating, avoid products containing high percentages alcohol as this would dry your skin and make it look duller.

What treatments can be safely opted for to control dull skin?
There are various treatments out there that can help with dull skin. Some of the trending treatments are:

AgeLess Stem Cell Facial™– this is a new and improved version of the traditional Vampire Facial with an AgeLess™ twist. It is the ultimate facial for a superb glow – giving you an even better boost of Collagen, to make your skin look younger, tighter and more radiant.

Picosure® is the world’s first Picosecond laser made by the inventors of the original Q:Switched laser, which has been the preferred choice of pigmentation lasers for the last decade. US FDA approved PicoSure® is an American technology that works on 1/trillionth of a second and gives results for Skin Clarity, Brightening and Rejuvenation like never before.

Instabright Laser – This laser treatment uses an advanced Q:switched laser which is used for skin rejuvenation, skin lightening, to improve skin tone and texture, reduce pigmentation and enhance your overall glow.

Super-Medi Facials – The pre-Oscar HydraFacial™, AgeLess Luxury Seoul Glow Facial™, etc. work extremely well and are the perfect combination or science and beauty. They inculcate specific high e technology and international skincare products in your traditional facial and give dramatic effects, leaving you with a healthy glow and hydrated radiant looking skin.

Peels – The reason most people are scared of chemical peels is because when they hear the word ‘chemical peels’ they imagine very harsh and artificial products which cause redness and excessive peeling and damage to of the skin.
Contrary to belief – mild peels such as Lactic Acid Peels are made from ingredients obtained from natural sources such as milk, so is a Glycolic peel which is made from the glycolic acid found in sugar cane and so are most other mild peels. These cause no downtime or side effects, while working only on the surface of the skin and helping with exfoliation and achieving a glow with minimum downtime.

Microdermabrasion – To smooth the skin’s texture, remove dead skin, reduce scarring, pigmentation, wrinkles and give you brighter cleaner looking skin.

Mesotherapy – Mesotherapy is the science of delivering vitamins & nutrients in to your skin to give you brighter looking skin.

What’s the best way to disguise fatigued skin?
There are days when we’re absolutely tired and our skin reflects that same. The best way to instantaneously disguise fatigued skin it to hydrate yourself, take a power nap and then before you head out, put on a hydrating facemask with powerful active ingredients. Right now, there are a lot of at-home face masks in the market that work very well for to give your skin the much-needed “lift me up”. My personal favourite is the Shangpree® range of gel masks with nourishing ingredients like caviar and gold for the much-needed instant glow.  Another powerful natural ingredient to look for is an Asian ingredient called “White Jelly Mushroom” which is often incorporated in K-beauty skincare products for its amazing ability to draw additional moisture into your skin. After your mask, you can use a few drops of an anti-oxidant rich serum with collagen for hydrated healthy-looking skin.

Are there any home remedies that can be used to treat the same?
There are quite a few nourishing ingredients that you will find in your kitchen to make yourself a hydrating face mask. While these may not have the level of efficacy that clinical treatments and products do, if you find yourself short of time and options you can make a mask from either Avocados, Papaya, Green Apple, Aloe Vera or Bananas, as they all have hydrating properties. Adding honey to your home mask will also provide additional moisture and a boost of anti-oxidants to your masks.