Micro-ageing is real! For women from the age of 25 onwards there is a steady depletion of collagen (the stuff in our skin that helps it look young). By the age of 40 there is a loss of collagen of over 30%, unfortunately even a 3% reduction is noticeable.

Extrinsic aging occurs in addition to intrinsic aging as a result of sun and environmental damage (tobacco use and exposure to pollution, for example).

Introducing the ‘Remain AgeLess Treatment Series’ – a customized treatment plan using our 10 years of experience with a blend of the best US FDA approved technologies, the finest treatments and products to help you stimulate the production of collagen and remain forever AgeLess.


Step 1: Meet our Skincare Experts: When it comes to skincare we believe in a holistic approach – inside & out. Your skin cannot look great if you do not feel great. Let our doctors examine your skin and understand your individual needs so that they can customize a skincare plan made to fit only for you!

Step 2: Skincare Routine: preventative measure taken at the right time go a long way in preventing aging. Our skincare experts will customize a skincare routine for you that encompasses all your skincare needs, right from your sunscreen (your new best friend) to your night cream, let us help you achieve your #skingoals (yes, that’s a thing!)

Step 3: Age defying treatments: No matter how well you stick to your skincare routine, homecare products can never give you the same results as clinic treatments. Indulge in our one-of-a-kind Medi-Super Facials and give your skin the boost of collagen it needs to help it retain its structure and elasticity. These are specially designed by Dr.Harshna Bijlani and are the perfect amalgamation of skincare steps unique to AgeLess and the best anti-aging technology from around the globe to make sure you look your best.

Call us today to book your consultation to know more and remember when it comes to fighting Micro-ageing the sooner you start the better the results. To know more about our age-preventative Super Facials, click here.