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When it comes to anti-aging, every treatment is touted to be the “most amazingly great awesome super results ever” making a very important choice of what treatment should you opt for even more confusing and complicated.

So, we thought let’s do an expert-recommended best of the best anti-aging treatment list, that is backed not only by people satisfied and happy with the results but also those most recommended and advised for all skin types and conditions by actual experts in the field.

Before we start the top list, you should know that skin aging is 3 dimensional, it happens to our skin, our face muscles as well as due to loss of natural fat, so choosing a treatment needs that kind of selection as well.


As we age, collagen and elastin proteins slow down their production, and eventually, even repair of existing collagen becomes very difficult. Other aging-related skin concerns like pigmentation, fine lines, dehydration, and age spots start showing on the skin surface making skin aging a very visible experience.

As we age, collagen and elastin proteins slow down their production, and eventually, even repair of existing collagen becomes very difficult. Other aging-related skin concerns like pigmentation, fine lines, dehydration, and age spots start showing on the skin surface making skin aging a very visible experience.


We use our facial muscles for everything from talking, to expressions, to eating and even crying or laughing, so they are an overworked bunch. Due to this constant use these muscles also start getting stretched out and slackened. These effects are seen with the formation of deep folds and grooves that get deeper combined with the loss of collagen and other skin aging signs.


Our face (especially cheeks) has natural fat pads that keep the face looking firm and youthful. As we age, there is a loss of volume in these pads causing the cheeks to slide downwards, creating bulges and once again combined with the muscle and skin changes, the aging due to fat loss start showing up as a distinct sign of aging.

So choosing a treatment that is anti-aging depends a lot on why your skin aging is accelerating – is it a loss of volume…or your skin texture is changing... or lines and wrinkles are deepening despite having great skin tone or a combination of these.


Peels – as we age our skin turnover (the rate or speed at which skin regenerates itself) slows down, causing a pileup of dead skin on the surface. If there is no proper removal of this dead skin, younger and fresher skin cannot emerge. Peels are a great way to remove dead skin by dissolving them and accelerating skin turnover. The great part about peels is that we can mix and match different types of peel ingredients to customize your anti-aging cure – from glycolic to mandelic to tranexemic... there is a peel for every skin condition out there.

Laser treatments – Laser light produces a thermal (heating) effect on the skin which re-stimulates the production of skin proteins as well as evens out signs of aging like pigmentation and age spots. There are different laser treatments that work either alone or in combination to help skin textural solutions.

Some e.g. are –  Er:YAG (Glass) laser to smoothen and even out fine lines and early wrinkles, Pico lasers for restimulation of collagen, Nd: YAG lasers to remove unwanted melanin and pigmentation spots, etc. 

Light treatments – apart from Laser there are other light treatments like IPL (intense pulsed light), LED light (especially Infrared and Red Light therapy) that work amazingly on skin aging.

RF – or Radio Frequency is the superstar anti-aging treatment, which works instantly to restart collagen regrowth as well as stimulate other needed skin agents to reverse aging like fibroblasts, elastin, and growth factors. There are many different variations of RF available, one of the most sought after is the RF under eye treatment to help with crow’s feet and fine lines around the eyes. However, not all RF treatments are approved for the treatment of under eyes, so keep that in mind while discussing your options with your skin doctor.

Which RF treatment (unipolar, multipolar, etc) may be best suited to your anti-aging needs can be customized as well.

PRP – is the must-try anti-aging treatment if you are looking for long-lasting effects -  Platelets are our blood’s healing agents that once isolated into Plasma and reintroduced into the skin via injectables can restimulate the stem cells within our blood to repair and reorganize all required factors to combat all signs of aging.

PRF - PRP has been the gold standard for plasma therapy for Aesthetics for quite some time. However, with ongoing research and trials, advances in this field have introduced a new and much more enhanced treatment which is the next generation of Plasma treatment called PRF or Platelet Rich Fibrin.

Fibrin is the protein within our blood that prevents clotting and gives strength and structure.PRF is also derived from your own blood - simple as doing a blood test. However, the results and treatment experience are far superior than PRP.
The biggest reason why PRF is more effective than PRP is that it releases more growth factors over time which means that it continues working for you even after the procedure is done + it's much less painful.

Why pick PRF over PRP: 

  • More natural, no additive anti-coagulants 
  • Dramatically less painful 
  • Superior Results

Collagen Moisturiser – We all use a moisturizer on the surface of our skin but what about the moisturizing it needs from within? Enter Volite® - an International favourite for Hydration & Glow that lasts up to 9 months after a single treatment. This amazing collagen moisturizer has Clinical studies that show improved skin quality in 96% of the patients and a 91% patient satisfaction. Volite works from within to hydrate your skin and boost collagen production, making it an amazing treatment for anti-aging as well as hydration and glow.



HIFU – HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, which is a variation of Ultrasound that works on sound waves stimulating and tightening skin and muscle texture. Unlike other treatments, Ultrasound is the only technology that can penetrate till the muscle layer and so can both tighten and strengthen the muscle tissue.

Microcurrent – this is a long-tested and proven treatment to tighten loose muscles as well as relax clenched knotted ones. Microcurrent delivers microscopic levels of electric currents directly to the muscle to start making it work out and regain its strength and firmness. It can be used in combination with any facial, making it a very accessible and cost-effective option that delivers fantastic results.

Botox – signs of aging due to drooping muscles cause visible lines and wrinkles on the surface – Botox is a safe (when done by a licensed and trained Doctor) option to consider for forehead, brow and other muscle-related signs of aging. Due to it being a muscle relaxer, Botox slows down the activity done by the muscle, ensuring the surrounding skin is not stretched and overworked too, while also preventing further lines and wrinkles from forming.




Fat in the face should not be confused with collagen (which is a protein). While fat loss on the body gives you a toned and trim appearance, age-related fat loss on the face, makes your cheeks look sunken, eyes looking hollow and your jawline drooping with bags of fat.

While all treatments can and do work on energizing and reinvigorating collagen (which is the main building block for youthful skin) we need to support the fat pads undergoing loss of volume with injectables to support the collagen gain as well, making it a multipronged antiaging treatment.

Fillers – Fillers are the term used for dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid that are injected into hollow areas of the face or body to literally fill them back up. These are safe to be put into your skin as they are bio-degradable and get absorbed into your body and eliminated in time just as any natural substance already present in your skin. Most fillers use Hyaluronic acid, which is biocompatible with our skin and gets absorbed and adjusted without any negative effects. Fillers also help boost collagen while filling the area to help your skin appear tighter from within.

Fillers can be done to support fat and volume loss on the cheeks, lips, around the mouth, under the eyes, neck and jawline and even on the nose to give your face the perfect symmetry and volume it has lost due to aging. In fact, fillers can also be used on your hands to reduce the appearance of veiny hands and to compensate for the loss of volume from the back of your hands.

Thread Lifts – the non-surgical alternative to plastic surgery to lift slack skin due to loss of collagen, muscle weakness as well as fat loss, this is a minimally invasive and immediate way to get a youthful appearance without subjecting your face to the scalpel.

Thread lifts insert in suture (same material as used in surgical threads) to specific areas of the cheeks and sides to form scaffolding pillars to tired and drooping fat pads and muscles. Once supported by threads, they start to reorganize collagen around the threads, causing biostimulation of the skin to turn around the signs of aging.


As you can now see, skin aging is a 3-tiered issue and requires a deep understanding to identify correctly and then set out on a course of treatments that are a power-packed combination of 2 or more of the abovementioned treatments. 

We will need different treatments that are termed anti-aging as years progress and our skin reacts not to internal aging but the harsher external factors like sun damage, stress, pollution and whatnot. So, this should be an ever-evolving choice, but a well-informed one at that.

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