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One of the oldest and time-tested devices used for great skin is the High Frequency machine. Even though you may have seen one at work during facials, it is worth knowing the true potential of the benefits this treatment can provide.


High Frequency is a mild form of electrotherapy that is a great multi performing treatment for acne, as an anti-pollution treatment, for anti-aging and stimulation benefits as well. The results are great and can be felt even while the facial is on, making it a popular choice for aestheticians and therapists worldwide since the early 1970’s.

How does it work? 

All high frequency machines work with the help of smooth glass hand pieces called electrodes that are filled with inert gases that have great oxygenating qualities, which are directly infused into the skin wherever the electrode is moved over the surface.

The benefits High Frequency offers are unique 

Deep Stimulation – the mild electric current stimulates skin cells and activates the skin repair system to increase production of collagen, elastin and other skin healing nutrients. This stimulation actually awakens and renews skin cells to feel energized and grow healthier.

Thermal Relaxation Our skin contains water, which on contact with the high frequency vibrations start creating a gradual heat within the skin tissue. Much like a deep tissue massage, this heat helps to repair and relax tired muscles, nerve tissues as well as damaged skin cells.

Activated Oxygen – the most important benefit of the treatment is the creation of Ozone (activated oxygen) on the surface of the skin. This is actually the science behind the treatment that helps to reduce acne, make the skin germ and infection free as well as oxygenated.


Activated Oxygen

Ozone or O3 is Activated Oxygen (O2). Ozone contains three atoms of oxygen rather than the two atoms that Oxygen contains, which makes it a very powerful and active element – if you remember feeling different taking a deep breath near the seaside or high up in the mountains, its due to the potent benefits of this activated oxygen. 

Ozone has several healing qualities that are naturally used by the air we breathe as ozone attaches itself to airborne pollutants and purifies oxygen, that’s why it’s called nature’s purifier (it forms a protective layer around the earth’s atmosphere keeping it safe from Suns UV damage.)

When applied to the skin, this potent activated oxygen is a booster for detoxification and stimulation 

Some of the main benefits Ozone can offer our skin are

•    Acts as a free radical scavenger on harmful toxins and pollutants
•    Helps heal sunburns and other burns, scars and skin inflammations 
•    Cleanses and sterilizes the epidermis, zapping away bacterial and viral infection germs 
•    Warms and stimulates skin tissue to create collagen and elastin fibers 


In treatment there are 2 specific treatment procedures offered for 

1.    Acne, oily skin and breakouts 
2.    Anti-aging and rejuvenation


Women Activated Oxygen

Ozone kills bacteria, so the ozone created during the treatment helps to kill especially the P acnes bacteria that cause acne. For its anti-bacterial, deep cleansing action Argon gas that emits a purple hued gas is used. In fact, there is  also a specially shaped pimple electrode that has a pea shaped round electrode to work on individual acne spots to zap dry out the bacteria within the follicle and pores


Women 2 Activated Oxygen

In addition to creating ozone that provides instant oxygenation to the skin, the current also increases ATP which in turn promotes the growth of skin proteins like collagen, making the skin regain volume and firmness. 



High Frequency treatment women image

Reinforces the skin protective barrier – the skin barrier is what protects our skin from external stressors like pollution, sun damage, smoke, infection laden bacteria or viruses as well as prevents moisture and nutrient loss from the deeper layers into the environment. The ozone produced during the treatment helps to strengthen the skin barrier ensuring that our skin stays healthy and well protected  

Reduces blackheads and tightens pores – as the high frequency current softens and reduces sebum (oil) it also has the penetrative depth to clean out toxins and bacteria that clogs pores, helping in reducing blackheads and causing pores to regain their shape.

Improve skin texture and firmness - The treatment produces an enriched form of oxygen on the skin surface, which provides the skin with the added boost of anti-oxidants that helps rejuvenate and improve the overall texture and tone

Helps Under eye puffiness and dark circles - High Frequency electrodes come in special shapes to safely work around the eyes, especially on the under-eye area. Using the pulsating action, lymphatic drainage is stimulated, which helps to drain away toxins and improves blood circulation in the delicate under eye area. 

This is very effective in reduction of dark circles and puffiness caused due to toxin buildups. Also, the relaxing action of the electrode is very stimulating and calming for the eye muscles, making this a great eye rejuvenation treatment

Stimulates blood circulation – one of the ways to use High frequency is indirectly, where the electrode is not directly applied on the face, but you hold it while the therapist performs a face massage. If this sounds a bit odd, rest assured it’s a scientifically proven way to stimulate and detox the entire circulatory and lymphatic system as the stimulating current passes via the electrodes through the surface of your body to the hands of the therapist making it a deeply energizing and relaxing experience for the skin to experience that is not possible with any other device or technology.

These benefits make this time-tested classic a proven choice for any facial enhancement. The good news is that High Frequency can be added on to any facial or treatment no matter which products or steps are used. Making it super versatile and high performing treatment.

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