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They say our eyes are the windows to the world (and now with Covid, they seem to be the only windows to the outside world to express ourselves above our protective face masks.) So, it’s no wonder that Brows are finally getting the attention they need and deserve


Brow treatments have become so popular in the recent past, and now in Covid times, they seem to be the only facial feature that we can enhance, to literally put our best face forward. With so many different ways to get wow brows, let’s take a look at the best ones out there.

Brow treatment 1

Tinting is adding a tint of colour to make the brows gain colour and look fuller. It’s great for those who love the shape and size of their brows but find them too sparse or with gaps or even white hair that need filling or recoloring. Tinting is also a great option for those with lighter coloured brows or that need to colour in any white hairs. It’s also great for those who’ve coloured their hair with lighter shades and would like their brows to complement their hair colour .

How is it done?
A non-toxic semi-permanent dye colour is used to match your skin tone and the natural colour of your hairline so as to make your brows appear as natural as possible. the area around the brows is protected with either Vaseline or a colour protector cream to avoid staining the area.

On application the colour will look thicker and darker and may look at for first timers, but relax, it’s just for a few hours or maybe the first day, as time goes by, the colour starts blending in and looks natural.

Colours and shades -Just like with hair colour, brow tints come in many shades and a good brow specialist will be able to mix colours to personalize one that matches your skin and natural hair colour and tone.

Is quick and easy to get done.

Not long-lasting as the color lifts with the hair growth and needs regular filling in or can look uneven.

brow treatment 2

If tinting sounds too superficial, you may want to try something that offers a more long-lasting effect – introducing brow microblading 

It’s a great technique to get semi-permanent results as the colour dye is not just brushed onto the brow hair, but deposited in the skin by a scratch and apply technique using tiny thin blades to scratch the surface skin and push the colour dye in. This is more artistic as blades come in different sizes and shapes, the brows can be reshaped to make them thicker, or more tapered or basically anything that makes your face look more defined.

There are some unbelievable before and after looks achieved with just changing the shape and angle of the brows using microblading. Worried about the colour pigment that’s getting into your skin? It's either vegetable dye-based or iron oxide pigments that are absorbed into your skin and eliminated in a few months naturally.

How is it done?
The artist first draws out the new brow shape according to your face symmetry, filling in sparse and empty spaces and increasing dimensions if you have naturally thin or paltry brows, making the new shape thicker and well defined.

Then a numbing gel is applied (to make it more comfortable) while the service is done. Brushstrokes like movements give you a mix of thin and thick lines just like your natural brows. While the blading stokes are gently etched, the colour pigments are also applied simultaneously and pushed into the newly formed lines

Finally, the brows are given a cleaning to remove any residue inks and checked for bruising, swelling or pinpoint bleeding. A local healing gel is given to apply if you feel any swelling or pain over the next few days and the service is done. Also, a routine second round is recommended after a few weeks to correct or fill in areas if needed.

A new addition to brow blading, to enhance and give them more textured finish brow shading uses the stippling method to fill in brows. Stippling is a widely used makeup technique to draw tiny dots rather than lines to give a powder finish a softer effect
This effect is given with tools with tiny ball pen-like tips that work the same way microblading does, in fact, blading and shading complement each other and are used together to get a flawless result.

Microblading effects last for around 6 to 8 months (depending on the quality of the dye and the brush blade depth used and your skin type as well. But guaranteed results are expected for a minimum of 4 – 6 months, making it a longer-lasting solution to well-defined brows. 

Also, since the brush strokes can be customized, the results look more naturally textured.

Depending on the skill of the artist the results may vary as depth, strokes and shape need to be well-drawn and filled in.

Eyebrow treatment 3

Also called semi-permanent makeup, this service is extremely popular not only for aesthetic reasons but also for people suffering from chronic hair loss in the brows like alopecia, reaction to drugs or illness or just genetically endowed with lesser brow hair.

Micro-pigmentation is a semi-permanent solution to sparse or thin brows that goes deeper into the skin (more so than microblading) and can even be drawn over non-hair brows to give an appearance of brows. Artists use tiny needles that are filled with dyes to gently pump into your brows, depositing the colours into your skin. Since the deposits are made deeper than microblading the results can last longer too. 

How is it done?
Pretty much similar to microblading, the process starts with drawing and defining the new brows and agreeing with you on the arch, angle and length you want from your new brows. Then a local numbing gel, allows your skin to process the treatment without discomfort or sensation and finally a healing gel is applied to heal and calm the skin over the next couple of days

Micro-pigmentation offers longer-lasting results and is great for people who have lost their brows or need a lot of definition and shape to be filled in. It’s also a great long-term solution (can last up to a year) for those of you who want to fill in gaps in present brows or just want well-defined brows for a longer period of time with almost no maintenance needed. 

1. Check realistically  what your goals are – do you want to just fill in your present brow shape for gaps or are you looking to change your brows with size and volume definition changes

2. Select the brow colour according to your natural hair colour – are you a natural brunette or do you have grey roots, the colour of your brows should blend seamlessly with your hairline colour as dark defined brows with graying or blonde colored hair will draw attention but not in such a great way, whereas natural hues that match your skin and hair tone will make you look younger, fresher and more poised.

3. Find the right artist – be it tinting, blading or pigmenting, your brows need to be in the hands of someone who knows the art of sculpting brows. So, ensure you have seen the past performance and abilities of the artist before you get your service done.

4. Ask about the colour and dyes used – Good brow pigments tend to be a bit more expensive if compared to even henna being used for its colour. The range is as wide as the budget, so check for the pigment and colour beforehand; this makes a big difference especially for micro-pigmentation as the results need to hold the same colour palette for the entire duration they are filled in.

5. Prepare for aftercare – mild bruising, pinpoint bleeding or even headaches or swelling for a couple of days post-treatment is common. This is just your skin reacting to a new service and it’s well expected. So, plan your appointment when you can have some downtime for a day or two to recover at ease.

6. Have patience - the brow color may look darker for a few weeks then would fade to a more natural-looking shade 

7. Be fastidious about the AfterCare required – sun exposure, skin care products, sweat and other external factors affect the longevity of your brow colour so ensure you follow all given aftercare guidelines to maintain the results successfully.

8. Check in for a touch up usually in a month


Semi-permanent brow services are an industry to itself due to the safety and high levels of success they offer.  Research a great browsing expert in your location set up a consultation and get set for a transformation that is bound to make you look fabulous

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