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Dont we all have that moment when we wish we could just lie flat and have someone else do the gymming for us? Well, that wish has come true for thousands of people and today we are going to talk about the workout that works out for you - Introducing the HIFEM body toning workout device.


HIFEM or High Intensity, Focused Electro-Magnetic energy is the latest buzzword in all fitness circles to achieve not only taut and fit muscles but also inch loss in areas that are stubborn – be it the belly, hips, butt or flanks.

HIFEM uses electromagnetic energy to work on BOTH muscle and fat cells, which is  a first for any body contouring, fat loss or slimming treatment ever. Before HIFEM, we used to rely on treatments that worked on reducing the number of fat cells, and left the muscle building and toning part to plain exercise.

HIFEM causes muscles to contract on their own once the machine pads are in place. And these contractions are nothing like our groaning half crunches and pushups. The HIFEM device is designed to give your muscles something called supramaximal contractions.

As a science backed technology, the results are plain to see – most patients see a 4 cms loss of girth as well as a 15 to 19% reduction in fat and almost a 15% increase in muscle mass after the treatments.*


If you have voluntary muscle contractions, the muscle fibers have some time to relax between each contraction as the brain cannot signal another set of contractions while the previous one is still in action. (The brain can only send 1 command at a time to the muscle)

HIFEM works locally on the muscle via the device applicator and doesnt need or interfere with the brain functions to cause contractions, and so doesnt allow the relaxation phase that the brain does. So, these high numbers of contractions are like a fast forward button that puts the muscles worked on under a lot of added rapid pressure that it needs to respond to as a reaction.

These contractions induced by HIFEM are about 650 times per minute called supramaximal contractions, which are just not possible for the body to produce itself and needs some electrical stimulation to achieve.

These supramaximal contractions are literally like doing 20,000 crunches in a span of 30mins! (which is just not humanly possible, unless you are the Flash or some superhero)


This is where the benefit of the entire treatment starts showing up – under deep stress from rapid contractions the muscle fibers create new proteins, muscle fibers and increase in density – these changes are called muscle hypertrophy and hyperplasia). So, whats going on deep within your muscles is a bit like Dr Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk, but at a very miniscule individual muscle fiber level

After all the work done, the muscles start showing their strength and density with a smoother toned look as well as clear defined lines below the skin, now who doesnt want that!

But we said HIFEM works on total body contouring right, so the good news is that it works amazingly well on getting rid of those stubborn fat cells too!
Since these rapid muscle contractions need energy to keep them going, they need a greater reserve of energy that is usually burnt during regular activities. Once regular sources of energy like ATP are depleted, the muscles start searching for more energy which is found in the fat lipids that otherwise sit unused and just accumulate to form bulges – these fat reserves are used up to fire up the supramaximal contractions (this process is called catabolic process)
So, with the high number of contractions, we are getting rid of tremendous numbers of fat cells too, causing a rapid weight loss during and even after the treatment.



What does a HIFEM treatment feel like?
The first thing piece of great news that its totally non-invasive and requires absolutely no preparation or any special post treatment care, also since its just 30 mins its a quick session (during which you can lay down and relax and ironically not move a muscle on your own, the device will do all the work for you)


Will I feel any discomfort or pain?
Because these are hyper acting muscle contractions you will definitely have sensations, but there is absolutely no pain involved. It feels different for different people; most say its like a tingling vibration of different intensities based on your skin and muscle texture. Having said that even whatever sensations you feel, they will get more tolerable as the treatment continues and your body adjusts to the sensations and is more at ease


How soon will I start seeing results?
While immediate results are visible, the actual performance of this amazing treatment starts showing 2 to 3 weeks after, as the muscles start rebuilding stronger and fitter as well as fat cells get completely flushed out of the body. A set of 4 to 6 treatments are recommended to let your body tone and shape come to its full potential.


Who are the best suited to HIFEM?
As HIFEM is a muscle tightening as well as fat reducing 2 in 1 treatment, it works for everyone looking to shape and tone their bodies. Especially suited are those with average weight and fitness levels to get that last inch off their waists. HIFEM is the go-to treatment for athletes, high intensity workout  lovers as well as just regular individuals who like looking and feeling toned and in shape.

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