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The Muscle Workout Treatment You Never Knew About

While we are so tuned in to keep our body fit in its shape and form using exercise, yoga, endurance training and what not to keep our muscles fit and trim, somehow, we forget all about the muscles we use the maximum all day long – talking, blinking etc  

It’s time to give our faces the workout they deserve, to tighten those slack muscles and loosen the knots in overworked ones – introducing the Micro-current facial

So, what’s micro current – isn’t that like giving my face electric shocks?

Electricity via Micro-current has been used since 1960 for medical and therapeutic uses to treat muscle related facial paralysis and injury therapies. It works on delivering extremely miniscule doses of electric “micro currents” to the muscles. (Before u ask how mild are these currents, you should know it would take a million micro currents to light 1 light bulb) ... so yes, it’s very micro and very mild.

The current is just enough to reenergize your muscles; it’s not intended to cause your skin any pain, discomfort or damage at all. In fact, once you read all about the amazing benefits of this treatment, you will realize its true potential in helping your skin look fabulous.

How micro-currents help the face muscles?

Micro-current facials are popularly known as non-surgical face lifts as they do exactly that – they lift your muscles to give your face a firm and taut appearance. So how do they do this?

Our face has 43 individual muscles that we use in combination or alone for many reasons – for e.g. - eating, smiling, talking we use the muscles around the mouth, for thinking, seeing, expressions we use the forehead and eye muscles and so on. So, depending on how often and how long these muscles are used, they start getting worn out and stretch and sag – just like an overused elastic band. Likewise with clenching and stressing them, the face muscles “shorten” or develop knots causing tension. 

What Micro-current does is deliver electrical currents to different parts of the muscles to either lengthen them (in the case of clenched and stiff muscles) or tighten them (in the case of weak and slack muscles)

All this is done with strokes and movements across the individual muscles, so they get the right number of electrical impulses and can get back into fitter shape.

Depending on amount of workout the muscles need (are the cheeks sagging a little or more etc.), there are different kinds of depths that can be reached making it a lifting AND toning facial.


Electrical impulses also boost the muscle’s quota of ATP

(Adenosine Triphosphate ) what in simple terms is the battery powerhouse for all cellular functions especially to help the contraction and relaxation of muscles

Now if you are a workout regular you would know the importance of ATP to health. For the rest of us, the simple explanation is that ATP is the energy charger within our cells. High ATP means our cells are more energetic, low ATP means tiredness and exhaustion.

Micro-current not only stimulates ATP to make the face muscles recharged and reenergized but it does something that is the holy grail of all anti-aging seekers – it stimulates collagen and elastin proteins to reproduce and multiply.

As we know collagen is the protein that gives our skin the firmness and structure that keeps it wrinkle-free. The bad news is that right from an early age (20’s) collagen levels start dropping by 1 to 3% every year till you hit your 40’s. Then the levels show a steep drop that is accelerated with every passing year, showing up loose and hollow skin, slack wrinkles and folds and basically, our faces start going south permanently. This phenomena of losing collagen every year is known as micro-ageing.

How microcurrent helps is by giving a kick start to renewed collaged production that goes up with every session you complete (which is why Micro-current facials are recommended as a set of 4 – 8 sessions).

Detoxing your skin

Another amazing way microcurrent facials help our skin is by helping decongest skin tissue that has absorbed too much toxic buildup (lymph), and so is a great toxin drainage treatment as well.

Boosting blood circulation 

The micro-electrical impulses have a great effect on blood circulation, especially if we don’t do frequent face massages or exercises to stimulate a healthy circuit of blood circulation to the facial nerves and tissues.

Giving your skin an instant glow 

The effects of microcurrent are instant and after the very first facial you will see (and feel) your face feel firm and renewed – almost just like you do after a great yoga session!

If you feel these are ample enough benefits to make you try this treatment, there is still So much more. 


•    Helps contract and reduce the appearance of open pores 
•    Eliminates dark circles and puffiness under the eyes 
•    Helps contour jawline
•    Helps raise brows and eye lips to look refreshed
•    Improves uneven skin tone and texture

If all of this sounds too good to be true, then it really is! You have to experience one to see the real difference. So why not let your next workout be one that helps you take off years off your face – that too in just 45 minutes.