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Ever wonder why looking into a morning promising to be a sunny day makes you feel all cheerful, or why spring and summers seem to be the time not only us humans but all plants, animals, and even the general air seems much more energetic and healthy.

Maybe the popular Sheryl Crow hit about “soaking up the sun” should be our guide to why sunlight makes all things bright (pun intended!)

All living things use sunlight to help grow and remain healthy, plants use it by photo (light) synthesis, and animals use sunlight to convert sunlight to Vitamin D3 that is needed for mineral absorption so that we get stronger bones and general health. So, all chemical responses created by living organisms to use sunlight for their health and life are termed Photobiomodulation.

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Our skin has cells called Chromophores that literally translate to meaning light cells. These cells have the ability to absorb light and use that light as a charger of sorts to reenergize themselves, making many complex but important changes that are helpful. There are 3 kinds of light-absorbing cells - Water, blood as in hemoglobin or oxyhemoglobin (hemoglobin is blood and oxyhemoglobin is oxygenated blood), and pigment (like hair in a follicle or melanin in the skin). 

The interesting part is that different chromophores absorb light differently, which has made it possible to isolate and treat different skin conditions using several different colors.

So, sunlight is broken up into visible and invisible light (the invisible light is called UV or Ultra Violet) and visible is the colors of the rainbow (7 colors). Invisible UV rays cause all the damage like sunburns, pigmentation, signs of aging, dehydration, etc. – for which we use a good sunscreen – for UV protection.

Coming to the fun part of visible light – all 7 colors given out by the sun have wonderful and deeply regenerating powers, which is why sunlight makes all life possible! In fact, when astronauts leave earth and are adrift in space without the visible light of the sun, they can suffer lots of mental as well as physical degeneration, which is why NASA scientists had to come up with a way to provide sunlight via artificial lighting – but more on that a bit later.

If you think back to your nursery rhymes about rainbows, you will know all the 7 colors – violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red (vibgyor) that make up the optical spectrum. 

Each color can penetrate only up to a certain level into the skin, so the cheat way of knowing is stating colors are most shallow penetration (so they are great for surface issues like acne and revitalization) while the deeper colors like orange and red penetrate the deepest for intense rejuvenation of cells.

Due to this remarkable penetration of light to our deepest cells, scientific research has isolated all the 7 colors and made them useful for different benefits. Coming back to our bit about astronauts discussed earlier – the innovation of LED for therapy was created to help space explorers receive the vital energy that light gives our minds and bodies, which paved the way for LED phototherapy to be used in the most scientific way possible.

Back on earth too, as it’s not possible to strain out individual colors from natural sunlight, we use devices that have LED bulbs of the different colors with temperature and intensity settings to serve the purpose of Photobiomodulation.

•    Violet /Purple LED light – cell revitalization and rejuvenation, it’s the mildest and most superficial light used.
•    Indigo/ Blue LED light – Destroys bacteria so used for acne, teeth whitening, and bacterial infections
•    Green LED light – balances skin pH and nourishes skin, helps with pigmentation disorders, calms sensitive skin
•    Yellow/Orange LED light - helps to reduce deeper inflammations, reduces rosacea and redness, also works great on wound healing and aesthetic treatment post-care
•    Red LED light – works on anti-aging and increasing collagen and elastin production, makes skin firmer and refreshed by rejuvenating blood  circulation

Our skin has cells called Fibroblasts that are responsible for the production of collagen and keep the skin matrix uplifted and firm. Red LED light has proven results on activating these fibroblasts to uptick their performance by stimulating the production of collagen in aging skin, making it the easiest and most non-invasive anti-aging treatment that works!

Since fibroblasts are the main connective tissue in our bodies, having strength and good elasticity means not only anti-aging benefits but signs of aging prevention too! Making this a great treatment for all ages

Reduces oxidative stress – Red LED Light works extremely well to fight the damage caused by free radicals, repairing cellular damage as well as renewing healthy skin

Recharges ATP – ATP is what you may call our cellular battery chargers – if ATP is low, our skin looks and feels tired and dull. Red LED light can instantly recharge the level of ATP within the cells making them reenergized and fresh feeling.

This is the best part, this treatment has neither any downtime nor requires any special preparation, and in fact, it’s just 20 minutes of pure relaxation. In fact, it's sometimes used as a booster with other treatments as well, making it safe as well as effective in conjunction with other treatments/facials.

All you do is lie down and enjoy the mild beams of light across your face, it feels like the first rays of morning sunshine so it’s a refreshingly positive experience to have. Eye goggles are offered to protect your eyes as well as enhance relaxation and the best news is that Red LED works wonders for the scalp follicles as well, making this a double treat, stimulating stronger hair roots as well as an amazing anti-aging treatment.


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