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The #1 international fat loss combination treatment for the 1st time in India - SculpSure® and CoolSculpting®

Corona doesn’t seem to be the only stubborn visitor this 2020-2021. It has inadvertently triggered what many are now calling a Covid body . See the struggle you go through to get into regular jeans or t-shirts looking tighter around the tummy? Well, you are not alone.  

Being homebound meant having a much more sedentary lifestyle than any of us are used to. The regular physical activities from simply going for a walk to the regime-bound gyms and yoga hours all got abruptly taken away from us, this lockdown.

Added on to this slowed-down schedule we had erratic eating and sleeping patterns that have left us feeling sluggish,  tired and slowly have added unwanted fat to the regular culprits – hips, stomach, upper arms and even the chin.

Also, diet changes like stress eating, binges and regular access to high-calorie foods (chips, colas) coupled with Zoom schedules and other online meetings have encouraged us to skip regular meals and opt for aimless snacking instead.

All of this that we sadly have been together in experiencing, and now that the lockdown has opened up and we are getting back to the life we once knew, our bodies are somehow giving us a rude wakeup to what we have done to it – small bulges where there were none, trousers seeming tighter and even sleeves appearing to be uncomfortable to slip into.

All the aftermath of the lockdown diet, stress and lifestyle changes are now looking back at us in the mirror. But the good news now is that even if you still don’t have access to your regular gyms and workout activities, there are treatments that can accelerate and help reduce your lockdown pockets of unwanted fat.

Introducing the Lockdown fat loss avengers – CoolSculpting® and SculpSure® that will you back into shape & looking fabulous again!

Let’s check out how they are going to help get us to look slimmer and toned asap

First CoolSculpting® - CoolSculpting® does just what the title claims it can do – it uses cold temperatures to freeze fat cells and eliminate them from your body giving you a sculpted appearance.

What’s more is that it is a US FDA approved technique of fat reduction using the scientific principle of Cryoliposis (cryoliposis in simple terms can be explained as using freezing temperatures to affect and remove fat cells), this is because fat cells are far more temperature sensitive than skin cells so any increase and decreases in temperature can affect their cellular structure and help eliminate them very efficiently.

CoolSculpting® uses quick cooling and freezing of fat cells to crystallize and rupture them so that they are quickly eliminated from specific troublesome spots like the abdomen, thighs, arms, double chin, etc without damaging the skin at all.

So what body areas can benefit from CoolSculpting®?  

CoolSculpting® works great for surface fats (the fat that can be pinched between your fingers); deeper fat like visceral fat (abdomen cavity fat) needs a combination of fitness activities as well as treatments like CoolSculpting® for best results. So, while it works great for many areas, some of the more popular treatment areas are -

1.  Abdomen: The one problem area most of us tend to have is the beer belly in men or kangaroo pouch in women. CoolSculpting ® shows great results to help reduce the stubborn fat in the abdomen area which we often can’t lose despite allotting at least 2-3 days a week to core workouts. 

2.  Flanks: Bulges at the sides of your waist, or “love handles,” respond incredibly well to CoolSculpting®, these have always been the most stubborn shape bulges to tone but you can see fantastic results even after just 1 session.

3. Thighs: Thigh fat, especially during lockdown has been the bane of men and women, luckily CoolSculpting® works on outer as well as inner thigh fat. Fat in these areas can be particularly stubborn but CoolSculpting® produces good results on the inner and outer thigh areas.

4. Double chin: Neck Fat or fat collected under the chin responds very well to CoolSculpting® due to the mini applicator that fits perfectly to reduce the double chin in the submental area.

5. Upper Arms: Again, the lockdown has reduced the use of upper arm activities and movements, and excess skin hanging from arms is the sad aftermath which CoolSculpting® can give great results.

6. Back fat: The most commonly treated areas are the mid-back fat on the sides, and “bra bulge” fat under the bra line.  This fat is conspicuous when compared to other visible fat but gives a very unseemly silhouette to the body.

Apart from the above, you can combine these with the hips and various other areas that can be personalized after a body consultation with the right CoolSculpting® treatment trained staff.

So now that you have the fantastic CoolSculpting® to freeze and remove the stubborn lockdown fat you have been lugging around, there is something more that works in a symbiotic way to boost the body fat loss and give you the toned finish you aspire for

What is called SculpSure®


SculpSure® is again a safe noninvasive USFDA approved heat-based treatment that aims to achieve the same goals as CoolSculpting®, with the opposing temperature – heat via laser energy

This heat actually works to “melt” the fat within the fat cells and so helps with fat loss in specific areas on the body

But then it goes further – heat is a marvelous agent to stimulate collagen and elastin fibers in our skin.

This is a must because once the fat cells are destroyed the skin is left something like an empty balloon suddenly without any air inside it

Since the stretch has already occurred, we need to find a great way to stimulate collagen rebuilding that will reform the skin to be taut and firm to suit the new fat loss body form these treatments will work to give 

SculpSure® has given fantastic results for the abdomen, flanks as well as a double chin treatment and many other concerned areas that can be customized to your body type after a consultation. 

SculpSure ® can also be done on smaller stubborn body parts like banana rolls, lower flanks and so much more.


Consider SculpSure® to be a secondary or finishing treatment to CoolSculpting® to complete the fat loss process with heat and then stimulate skin tightening to come to the desired results in total. It is also a great treatment for those looking to “sculpt” and contour their body.

Why Warm + CoolSculpting:

While these treatments work very well as standalone treatments too, the combination of these two international favourites, which is extremely popular in the West, delivers exceptional results.

CoolSculpting ® helps you bulk down those stubborn bigger pockets on fat, while SculpSure ® helps you tone and contour your body when performed after CoolSculpting ®.


The best part about this combination is the level of safety and efficacy it offers. Both these treatments are US FDA approved, which means they have gone through vigorous testing before being certified as safe by one of the highest authorities when it comes to device safety. 

What is the difference between Fat Loss and Weight Loss?

This is the most important difference in what body contouring does what body slimming treatments can do.

When we lose weight, it simply means that the fat quantity in our fat cells has gone down but that space can be reclaimed by fat again, if we revert back to chips and Netflixing routine. Fat Loss means something much better, as we are eliminating the fat cells completely so the number of fat cells are reduced, which makes it a great combination to all weight loss and exercise routines

How does cool and warm sculpting reduce fat cells?

Coolsculpting does that with subzero temperatures to “freeze” fat cells that die a natural death, Warmsculpting does this with heat energy that heats and “melts” away fat cells. In combination, they provide the best of both worlds to target and destroy stubborn fat cells permanently

What does the treatment feel like?

Since the temperatures required to freeze fat are subzero, the area treated goes numb soon enough into the treatment, so you would not have any prolonged discomfort. 

Likewise, with warm sculpting, it’s a warming sensation that works deeply, so like with any deep acting treatment there is some initial discomfort, but the entire treatment is quite comfortable and most people doze off watching a movie on their iPads more often than not!

How soon will results start showing?

Since the treatment is freezing fat cells , as well as using thermal heat to melt them  subsequently in the same treatment - these fat cells need to be carried away (once dead), by the body’s natural processes that take 30 to 60 days as a regular cycle. So you will start seeing results after 20 days or so. The best part is the results will continue to progressively improve over 2 months after the treatment * (if supported by healthy lifestyle and died changes)

Will I need to rest at home after the treatment?

The good news is that this is a 0-downtime treatment, which means not only do you not need any post treatment resting time, but that you can go back to your daily life including exercise on the same day if required

How long does the treatment take?

The time you will need to set aside depends totally on the areas you wish to treat, but an ideal session for all body parts spans from 25mins to 1hr depending on which body part you’re opting for. 

SculpSure® sessions take 25mins for 1 cycle and CoolSculpting® takes 45mins to 1hr depending on the applicator being used.The best part is that you can cover multiple areas in a single session too!

Has CoolSculpting and Sculpsure been cleared by the USFDA? Why is that important?

Yes, the FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) cleared both treatments to be safe and result oriented for body fat. This is an important feature for safety of treatments, especially those that claim to work on fat reduction. There are so many unlisted or unlabeled devices out there that cause more harm than benefit.

The US FDA not only checks and regulates the devices as proven to be safe to use but also fact checks claims made for the treatments ( in this case – fat loss). This is very helpful to get assurance that not only will the treatment offer results but also that the machine has been thoroughly been put through regulatory guidelines at the same time to prove its claims.

What other benefits does this treatment offer?

Apart from the obvious reduction in fat cells, the addition of Sculpsure for warm sculpting does the homework left over after the fat loss too – it helps to tone and renew skin elasticity due to its amazing effects on the skin’s collagen stimulation, resulting in tighter skin.

So apart from just fat loss, you will see an improvement in the tone and texture of the areas treated too.
So why wait to get back into shape – start your journey towards a leaner, toned and slimmer body today!
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