Ageless clinic continues to grow from strength to strength in the young, exciting and dynamic field of aesthetics.

We at Ageless Clinic understand the great responsibility that comes with our work. Everyone is unique and we aim to always do our utmost to help our patients achieve their best. Four years of great testimonies and feedback by our patients humble and encourage us to go that extra mile to help them achieve their cosmetic goals. We hope that every visit with us will enhance your day and make you feel delighted and more confident.

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  • LipoCryo

    LipoCryo is the latest fat loss technology. LipoCryo is the #1 cryolipolysis device in Europe even outselling CoolSculpting. Patients have seen excellent results with reduction of stubborn fat and inch loss. It is the ideal treatment to compliment any weight loss program…

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  • Venus Freeze

    Venus Freeze is the #1 skin tightening and anti-ageing treatment in the world today. It is popular with celebrities such as Beyonce Knowles & Kim Kardashian. Venus Freeze is excellent for: skin tightening, toning and firming, smoothening of wrinkles, cellulite reduction as well as abdominal tightening post pregnancy…

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  • Painless Laser Hair Removal

    We use only the world’s best truly painless laser hair removal system Alma Soprano: Pain-free Hair-free. Our Soprano is the fastest in Bandra 50% faster than our competitors! Think of the time you can save! Also we are the 1st to introduce the Taper Tip for small areas such as painless laser eyebrow shaping…

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  • Acne & Acne Scar Treatments

    We have pioneered the treatment of acne without medication by taking a holistic approach and getting to the root of the problem. Our results are excellent. For treatment of acne scars we are the 1st to introduce Micro-needling Radio Frequency along with tradition methods such as dermarollers, peels, microdermabrasion (polishing)…

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  • Hair Loss

    Unfortunately hair loss effects both men and women at any age. Hair loss can be treated. The cause of hair loss or thinning needs to be first identified. Most importantly hair loss needs to ideally be treated quickly in the first stages. Some of the treatments we use are: PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), Stem Cells, Laser Comb…

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  • Bride and Groom

    We do not have ‘one-size fits all’ packages, each person is different. Our bridal packages are tailor made to make you look your best. We won the “Vogue Beauty Award for Best Skin Expert” so you know you are in safe hands for your big day…

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  • Hyperpigmentation

    Hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone is very common in Indian skin. Some of treatments we use for Hyperpigmentation include; Cosmelan, depigmenting agents, skin lightening facials, peels…

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  • Clean-ups and Facials

    Clean-ups and Facials, when done properly, are important for keeping your skin healthy, glowing and spot free. Never trust your skin to untrained people in a salon or parlour that is just asking for trouble. We start with a consultation with our Doctor to understand your skin and recommend the best kind of facial for your skin type…

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  • Injectables

    Dr Harshna Bijlani is trained expert in Botox and Fillers. She is one of the pioneers in Fine Thread Contouring (FTC or Thread Lifts) in Mumbai with hundreds of delighted patients. In just a few minutes you can erase wrinkles, fill shallow scars, add lost volume and look years younger…

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