Plasma Energy Anti-Acne Treatment

What do lightening, the northern lights & stars have in common?

They are all made of Plasma!

For the 1st time in India, we are now harnessing the energy of Plasma, the 4th state of matter to deliver revolutionary results for Acne!


AgeLess Plasma Energy Anti-Acne Treatment™

How it works:

Nerd Notes :- Within the handpiece, an ultra-high-frequency (UHF) generator excites inert nitrogen gas, which is converted into activated ionised gas called plasma. This plasma-containing energy is directed through the handpiece and onto the skin.

At the skin's surface level, it works to kill acne bacteria, reduce inflammation, remove old photo damaged epidermal cells, help tighten open pores and improve skin texture.

• Destroys Bacteria

Plasma sterilises the P Acne bacteria on contact both on the skin and deeper within the pores, this helps immediately reduce further new bacterial acne, it also calms and promotes healing to treat active and present acne. Works on all types of acne - Cystic, pustules, whiteheads, etc.

• Quick & Virtually Painless

This is a quick 15-20 min treatment that is virtually painless and extremely comfortable.

• Prevents acne marks & scars

When the acne is treated correctly, it prevents the collateral damage that results in scars & marks.

• Anti-inflammatory Action & Cell turnover

Due to plasma energy’s anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to remove damaged epidermal cells, helps soothe irritated inflamed skin and removes old damaged skin to reveal fresher skin with cleaner pores.

• Regenerates Skin

After treatment, the skin's regeneration processes kick in, skin will look clearer, brighter, tighter and fresher as results develop.

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