• At The AgeLess Clinic we are obsessed with skin & wellness. We believe that truly healthy glowing skin is a result of not just the best external treatments but also a bi-product of a healthy lifestyle – an ‘inside & out’ approach.

    We are pleased to bring you AgeLess Hydro Detox TherapyTM.

    The principal of this treatment is not new. In fact, it is widely accepted and used as a core treatment in most of the world’s best wellness centres such as Viva Mayer in Austria, Jindal & Ananda in India, Kamalaya & Chiva-Som in Thailand to name a few, it is also a core part the age-old tradition of yoga.

    AgeLess Hydro Detox TherapyTM is a state of the art treatment using the finest US FDA approved device on the market to comfortably and safely clean the colon. This treatment cleanses the colon with temperature and pressure controlled filtered water without any chemicals, medicines or any other external substance. Colonic Cleansing/Colonic Hydro Therapy is more effective than an enema, it has many claimed benefits:

    • Feeling of lightness & increased energy
    • Potential to aid weight loss
    • Increase nutrient absorption
    • Reduced feeling of bloating
    • Brighter, clearer skin
    • Reduced acne

    AgeLess Hydro Detox TherapyTM is a revolutionary change from how Colonic Cleansing/Colonic Hyrdro Therapy is normally done in India. We use the Angel of Water™ system which we have imported specially from the US for this treatment. The system is more:

    • Hygienic – disposable, sterile nozzle
    • Safe – automatic temperature cut off & multi-stage water filtration
    • Comfortable – flexible nozzle about the same diameter as a pencil
    • Private – nozzle is self-inserted & you are covered through-out the treatment

    Come visit us today for a FREE consultation to learn more about how AgeLess Hydro Detox Therapy can help you.

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