• Dare to wear that fitted, short dress

    Say goodbye to bloating and the appearance of cellulite

    For the first time in India – Introducing the patented US FDA approved Body Ballancer® loved by Harper’s Bazaar, Hello Magazine, Hollywood Reporter, Daily Mail, Grazia,

    Now reducing water retention, aiding fat loss and eliminating toxins is as easy and relaxing as a massage.

    This amazing treatment uses proven principles of lymphatic drainage massage to increase the supply of oxygen in your blood, improve circulation and increase lymphatic

    drainage which in turn help your body with the following benefits:

    • Reduce water retention & bloating

    • Reduce appearance of cellulite

    • Aids slimming

    • Detox

    • Stress relief & muscle relaxation

  • Body Ballancer® uses proven principles of lymphatic drainage massage to reduce the appearance of cellulite, slimming, firming, toning and smoothing the skin with a revolutionary aesthetic compression treatment.


    Cellulite and skin tone: A boosted of supply oxygenated blood to the tissues results in significant improvement in cellulite and skin quality, leaving it firm, toned and feeling smoother and softer.

    Detox & weight loss: Improved lymphatic drainage helps elimination of waste, toxins and accelerated fat drainage

    Slimming & body contouring:

    Stress relief: Improves the elimination of the free radicals that are a by-product of the body’s stress-fighting hormones, recognised as a factor in premature ageing, while reducing muscle stress and relaxing your body.

    Fitness and exercise: Incorporated as part of your fitness routine, the Body Ballancer® can help to improve performance as well as provide active sports recovery.

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