• The most mesmerising feature of your face are your eyes, accentuated by your eyebrows. However, not all of us are born with perfect eyebrows, most of us have uneven eyebrows, gaps, scars or simply scanty eyebrows. Now you can get thicker eyebrows with no gaps with this amazing 45mins treatment.

    The “Ageless Brow Revival” treatment is a signature semi-permanent treatment that has a new, 3-D, more detailed and natural stroke to make your eyebrows look as natural and well-shaped as possible.

    Ageless Eyebrow Revival is suitable for those looking to fill in gaps, cover scars or simply to reshape. It also works very well for those who may have thinning eyebrows due to age or hormonal changes.


    We know Chemo therapy can be difficult on your body, mind and spirit. The medications often cause patients to lose their eyebrows. Ageless Eyebrow Revival can be used to redraw your eyebrows with natural looking and long-term results.

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