New Medi-Super-Facials are the latest craze worldwide and rightly so, they work extremely well and are the perfect combination or science and beauty. They inculcate specific devices and products in your traditional facial and give dramatic results, leaving you with a healthy glow and radiant younger looking skin.

We have a wide range of Super Facials from around the world:

  • AgeLess Stem Cell Facial Treatment™
  • AgeLess 360° Facial™
  • AgeLess Collagen Facial™
  • AgeLess Manhattan Facial™
  • Hydrafacial™
  • Geneo+™
  • AgeLess Luxury Seoul Glow Facial™
  • AgeLess Signature Facial™
  • AgeLess Diamond Facial™
  • AgeLess Instabright Facial™
  • AgeLess Age Defying Ulthera Facial™
  • AgeLess B&T LED Facial™
  • AgeLess Red Carpet Glow Facial™
  • Ageless red carpet glowlift facial™

Note: results are dependent upon lifestyle, age, health, and condition of the skin tissue.