• Venus Viva™ is the latest advancement for the treatment of acne Scars, visible pores and other skin textural issues.

    Till now the 2 main alternatives have been:

    1) Lasers – painful, invasive, long downtime, risk of burns & scars

    2) Micro-needling Radio Frequency – invasive (needles puncture skin)

    Venus Viva is the 1st device to use NanoFractional Radio Frequency™, patented US FDA approved technology that improves on proven Radio Frequency (RF) technology:

    • Non-invasive – no needles.
    • Deeper penetration of RF – more effective
    • Little to no downtime – attend a party the very next day!

    Before you do any other scar treatment, give us a call for a FREE no-obligation consultation to learn more about this latest advancement.