The concept behind PRP is that our blood has the ability to heal. Plasma enriched with platelets contain growth factors and stem cells that help heal damaged cells as well as boost the growth of new healthy cells with their concentrations of enzymes, antibodies and other proteins.

What PRP can do for your skin::

  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Look younger & rejuvenated
  • Tighten skin & pores
  • Reduced Pigmentation
  • Lightening of Scars
  • Boost collagen production
  • Help reduce Melasma

PRP for the face is now a very popular and acclaimed treatment commonly called “Vampire Facial” - made famous by the Kardashians and other celebrities in the West.

AgeLess PRP Face Treatment™ has the benefits of PRP along with special enhancements. We take the good part of the blood viz. platelets, that perform the healing process, concentrate it and put it back into your skin to give you the desired results along with glowing refreshed dewy skin. As a special step unique to AgeLess® PRP Face Treatment™, we also add a special cocktail of peptides, vitamins, anti-oxidants and so much more to help enhance results.

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