PRF Hair
  • The next generation of PRP is here!

    PRF stands for Platelet Rich Fibrin - it is the next generation of PRP.

    PRP has been the gold standard for plasma therapy for Hair growth treatments for quite some time. However, with ongoing research and trials, advances in this field have introduced a new and much more enhanced treatment which is the next generation of Plasma treatment called PRF or Platelet Rich Fibrin

    Fibrin is the protein within our blood that prevents clotting and gives strength and structure.

    PRF is also derived from your own blood - simple as doing a blood test. However, the results and treatment experience are far superior to PRP

    • No Anti-coagulants - PRP tubes generally use an anti-coagulant to help prevent the extracted plasma from thickening and clotting. Anti-coagulants break the fibrin matrix and prevent the protein from working as well as it should. This isn’t a problem with PRF as PRF has no added anti-coagulants, due to this the fibrin matrix remains undamaged and can start working right away to restore cellular rejuvenation.
    • Virtually Painless – The injection of just platelets into the scalp is dramatically less painful than the mix of platelets with anti-coagulants. It’s actually the anti-coagulants that cause majority of the pain/stinging sensation at the site of injection. Eliminating anti-coagulants in PRF, makes the entire procedure virtually painless.
    • Platelet Count - PRF extraction can produce almost 10 times the platelet count at the injection site compared to what the body naturally has. This is much higher than a PRP treatment can extract.
    • Long term Results due to increased growth factors - Growth Factors, our body’s own “healing ingredient”, help the growth and repair of all cells, including hair cells. Within the scalp they help renew cells rapidly as well as re-oxygenate and repair damaged cells, increase cell turnover, stimulate blood circulation, boost stem cell rejuvenation and much more. With PRP, the release of these growth factors is immediate but short term (same day), whereas with PRF this release is slow but incremental, over 7-10 days into the area where the PRF is injected. This slower release of growth factors initiates a healing cascade that takes place over the next couple of months (over days and weeks) ensuring the quality as well as quantity of growth factors is much higher, this helps in the longer-term benefits of the treatment

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