• Mesotherapy is the science of delivering vitamins & nutrients in to the mesodermal layer of tissue under the skin. The two most important considerations are the technique used and the ingredients that are being delivered. For patients who are experiencing hair loss we most often suggest the use of Stem cells. Stem Cells have the ability to transform into almost any type of cell in the body. They are also self-generating, which means they can create identical copies of themselves that will divide into more specialized cells. The process of using stem cells to re-grow hair involves the following: in a lab, stem cells are engineered into hair follicle cells. These new cells are then injected into the scalp to replace the damaged cells, generating hair growth.


    Unlike transplants and topical treatments for hair loss, mesotherapy is associated with few side effects. Because mesotherapy combats hair loss directly by replacing the damaged hair follicle cells, this proves to be more effective than topical treatments.

    For even more dramatic results Mesotherapy can be combined with AgeLess Stemcell Hair Treatment™.