• We know you’re tired of working out and eating right but you can’t seem to lose that beer belly, those saggy arms and thighs or those stubborn love handles and muffin top. Don’t want to invest in liposuction or go through the associated pain and risks of a major surgical procedure? We have an effective, non-invasive and cost effective solution for you.

    Fat Reduction or Meso Lipo Injections are known to be one of the quickest and most effective ways to lose unwanted fat.


    Phosphatidylcholine, also known as lecithin or PPC, is a normal compound found in our cell membranes.

    If cell membranes are suddenly given an extra dose of PPC, they become too fluid and fragile, and break down. So, a dose of PPC into fatty tissue will cause the fat cells to break open and release their fat. PPC also facilitates the break down of fat itself. The fat in fat cells is stored as a compound called triacylglycerol. PPC breaks down triacylglycerol. The three free fatty acids and the glycerol then get taken in the blood stream to the liver where they are converted in to bile acids and then gets excreted