• Our Medical Head, Dr Harshna Bijlani, is one of the pioneers in Fine Thread Contouring in India. Dr Harshna, has trained under some of the finest Doctors in the UK and Korea to master the ultimate V-Shape thread lift.

    This amazing procedure, also known as the instant non-surgical thread lift, results in lifting years off your face in just a single short treatment.

    Scared of going under the knife for a surgical face lift? You are not alone in your fears. Plastic Surgery has some very real risks of complications and scarring. If you are considering a face lift or just want a bit of improvement, we suggest you try a Thread Lift first.

    • Minimal invasiveness, fast and easy procedure
    • Very low risk of scars
    • Safe – minimal risks , minimal down time
    • Instant and long lasting results
    • Thread Lifts are great for the face and various body areas
    • Ideal to combine with other treatments that help stimulate collagen for even better results