Before your wedding is the time you start taking your appearance extremely seriously and rightly so. You are going to be looking back at your wedding for the rest of your life, this is why it is so crucial to look your best.p>

Most skin problems are caused by factors such as incorrect products, stress, exposure to the sun, bad diet, genetics, hormonal issues, etc. It is better to nip these issues in the bud rather than go for damage control later too close to the wedding . So here are some skin care tips to include in your skin routine to the months leading to your big day:

For Acne: Opt for a good clean diet (avoid diary and sugar), regular clean-ups, a good skin care regime with salicylic acid based cleanser can go a long way to help keep your skin acne free. If acne does develop, use a cream containing Benzoyl peroxide

For Dullness – Use a cream containing Kojic, Licourice or Arbutin for brightening. Crystal Tomato™ is also a super anti-oxidant used for skin rejuvenation and brightening, it is available in the form of tablets and a cream.

Pigmentation: Sun is a strict no-no, if at all possible try and avoid the sun especially during peak hours. Exfoliate at least twice a week, use sunscreen with SPF 30 and above every 3 hours. Eat a diet rich with antioxidants. Treatments such as peels, polishing, medical facials, lasers and creams that should be used under supervision of a doctor.