The AgeLess Clinic has been a pioneer in introducing the most innovative facials from around the world. Our latest edition to our list of International Super-Medi Facials, is from South Korea – the new skincare capital of the world.

For this treatment we use Shangpree products, called the “pinnacle of Korean Skincare” by Forbes Magazine – try this facial and you will know why.


  • Shangpree Luxury Skincare™ – Shangpree is one of the hottest names in Korean Skincare the world over. Known for its meticulous focus on quality and results – it took them 4 years to develop their 1st products (which is the mask that we use in this treatment)! People cannot get enough of these awesome products, journalists, bloggers, models at the New York Fashion Week – no wonder it’s a top seller at Harrods and Macy’s!

  • AgeLess Diamond Skin Resurfacing™ – Uses a diamond tip to gently remove the damaged thicker outer layer of your skin that mainly consists of dead skin cells and give way for smoother feathery skin.

  • AgeLess LED Skin Therapy™ – Our skin has the ability to absorb light and use it as a source of energy to stimulate a healing response. LED therapy is NASA tested & approved! LED Therapy has been proven to have anti-aging benefits, reduce sun damage, wrinkles, large pores as well as acne.

  • Shangpree Caviar-Gold Mask™ – The highlight of the facial is the Shangpree Caviar & Gold Mask -with a special concoction of luxury ingredients like caviar, gold dust & active collagen – a mask like no other you have ever tried before! Leaving you with smaller pores, brighter skin and a glowing dewy look that will leave no need for snapchat filters.