One of our signature micro-aging conceptualized super facials, this brilliant facial uses preventative aging steps to help slow down your natural aging process and at the same time gives you instantly brighter glowing skin.

Some of the highlights of this unique Facial are:

  • AgeLess Preventative Anti-aging™ – Uses US FDA Approved Venus Freeze/Alma Prime/Alma V-Shape to give your natural collagen building process a boost and increase the elasticity of your skin for tighter, younger looking skin.
  • AgeLess Diamond Skin Resurfacing Treatment™ – Uses a diamond tip to gently remove the damaged thicker outer layer of your skin that mainly consists of dead skin cells and provide skin polishing for smoother feathery skin.
  • AgeLess Signature Clean up™ – Uses our signature extraction techniques to make sure the stubborn black heads, white heads and sebum are taken care of.
  • AgeLess Instabright Laser™ – A round of our AgeLess Clear Skin Laser removes any unevenness and pigmentation from your skin and gives you even toned brighter looking skin
  • Handpicked Mask for your skin – This step of our platinum Facial uses a mask for your skin, hand-picked by our skin experts from our wide range of masks to give your skin the perfect combination of all the ingredients it needs