AgeLess Illuma-Firm Facial

AgeLess Illuma-Firm Facial™

The two biggest concerns for most Indian men and women are pigmentation and fine lines. At The AgeLess Clinic we believe 2 is always better than 1, to this effect we have designed our Super-Medi facial which effectively works on brighter illuminating skin and slows down micro-aging for younger firmer skin at the same time.


AgeLess Illuma-Firm Facial:

With a unique 10 step approach that gives you everything your skin needs in one super facial. Highlights of the facial:

  • AgeLess Signature Cleanup™ – Our signature tried and tested extraction process to remove dead skin, black heads, white heads and all the impurities clogging your skin leaving it clean and clear.
  • AgeLess Diamond Skin Resurfacing™ – Uses a diamond tip to gently remove the damaged thicker outer layer of your skin that mainly consists of dead skin cells and give way for smoother feathery skin.
  • AgeLess Instabright Laser™ – A round of this Laser reduces pigmentation from your skin and gives you even toned brighter looking skin instantly.
  • Hifu – High frequency focused ultrasound is one of the most popular and effective treatments for anti-aging and has been a Hollywood favourite for the biggest stars. Unlike most anti-aging treatments this amazing technology works from inside out to non-invasively lift and tighten your skin with virtually no pain or side effects. Strategic use of Hifu works on the areas that need tightening and lifting, as well provide a strong boost of collagen to prevent micro-aging.
  • AgeLess signature vitamins and nutrients infused oxygenation treatment– Rejuvenates your skin from within with the help of vitamins and nutrients infused oxygen, reducing open pores and leaving it with a refreshed dewy glow.

This amazing treatment is available in 2 levels:

AgeLess Illuma-Firm Facial Grade 1 – For prevention and upkeep

AgeLess Illuma-Firm Facial Grade 2 – To actively lift and tighten skin

This treatment is recommended for anyone of 25 years or older because let’s not forget ‘Mirco-Ageing’ is real! This amazing facial offers the amalgamation of 4 different treatments in one super facial at one forth the cost! For young looking dewy skin, this is the ONE treatment you must definitely try.

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