Want the natural facial contouring technique that Meghan Markle, Jennifer Lopez & Kate Moss swear by?

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AgeLess Buccal Workout Facial®

Although The Buccal Facial has been around since the '80s, only a few aestheticians in the world offer the treatment. The Buccal Facial Technique has its own cult following in London and New York. The AgeLess Clinic is the 1st clinic in India to offer our version of it with a unique AgeLess® Twist to make it better (yes, we're very modest :P).

As seen on "Bling Empire" the Buccal Facial also known as an “Inner Facial” in some parts of the world, mainly concentrates on special massage techniques for your face, jawline and inside your mouth (yes, you read it right) to contour on your face.

Our AgeLess Twist is an addition of a relaxing Korean Luxury Skincare Peel Off Mask as a “cool-down” to end this face workout so that you can not only look more contoured but also to give you a lovely post facial glow!

Highlights of the Facial:

  • A more contoured jawline
  • More defined cheekbones
  • Reduces facial bloating
  • Boosts collagen and helps train facial muscles
  • Absolutely natural, no machines used for contouring
  • Uses hydrating creams and gels to help hydrate your face while it’s getting a workout

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